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February 2000

2/15/00 Beverly Hills, Public Library, PEN-West. Panel discussion, 7 pm.
2/18/00 San Francisco, KQED-TV "Digital West", Commentary, 'Aboriginals and colonizers'. Commentary, 9pm.
2/27/00 Santa Monica, Midnight Sun. Reading, "The Ex-Files", 5 pm.

March 2000

3/12/00 Austin, Conference Center, "South by Southwest". Panel discussion, 11 am.
3/13/00 Austin, Bookpeople. Reading, "The Ex-Files", 7 pm.
3/13/00 Austin, Club Deville, Roast, 8:30 pm.
3/31/00 San Francisco, KQED-TV "Digital West", Commentary, "The Culture of Flip and Flee", 9 pm.

April 2000

4/5/00 Toronto, Westin Harbour Centre, "Computers, Freedom and Privacy". Birds of Feather, reading/signing/world-premiere of "Cyberselfish", 9:30 pm.
4/7/00 Toronto, Westin Harbour Centre, "Computers, Freedom, and Privacy". Panel discussion, 2:15 pm.
4/19/00 National, Beyond Computers, PRI, Commentary, "Focus on Community".
4/21/00 CNN, Inside Politics, 5pm EDT.

May 2000

5/12/00 official publication date.
5/15/00, Phoenix, KTAR, Ted Simon show, 6 - 10 am, MDT.
5/17/00 San Francisco, A Clean Well-lighted Place for Books. Reading, "The Ex-Files", 7:30 pm, PDT.
5/18/00, Playtv.com, webcast with Alex Bennett, 2:30 - 3 pm, PDT.
5/20/00, Storrs, WHUS, "Changesurfer", 5 pm EDT 
5/23/00 Los Angeles, KPFK, Marc Cooper's Daily Review, 4-5pm PDT.
5/24/00, National, "Beyond Computers", PRI, interview
5/25/00, National, Marketplace, NPR, interview
5/26/00  San Francisco, KQED-TV, "Digital West", roundtable on philanthropy
and high-tech, 9 pm, PDT.
5/30/00, CNET radio/KNEW, Midday Show, interview, 9 am PDT.
5/30/00, Eyada.com, webcast, interview, 10 am EDT.
5/31/00 National, Daybreak USA, USA Radio Network, interview, 8 am EDT.

June 2000

6/1/00 Baltimore, Chip Franklin show, WBAL-AM, 10 am EDT.
6/6/00 Lafayette, Indiana, AM 920 Magazine, WBAA-AM, 9 am PDT.
6/6/00 National, Something You Should Know, Strand/Media Network, interview, 11 am PDT.
6/7/00 Berkeley, Morning show, KPFA-FM, 8:30 am PDT
6/7/00 San Francisco, Commonwealth Club, Reading, "Cyberselfish", 6 pm PDT.
6/8/00 New York, WBAI, "Behind the News", 5PM EDT.
6/8/00 San Francisco, Craigslist Party, Reading, "Cyberselfish", 6pm-10pm.
6/13/00 Richmond, VA, WRVA News with Lou Dean, WRVA-AM, interview 10:45 AM PDT.

6/18/00 National, Real Computing with John Dvorak, interview.
6/19/00 New York, WNYC-AM, "On the Line with Brian Lehrer", 11:30 AM EDT
6/22/00 Pasadena, KPCC, "Talk of the City", 1:30PM PDT.
6/23/00 UK/Commonwealth publication date.
6/25/00 San Francisco, Grace Cathedral, forum,  discussion/webcast,panel "Rewiring Dot.Com Culture"; booksigning for
"Cyberselfish", 9:30 am, PDT. 
6/28/00 Portland OR, KPAM, interview, 9 pm PDT.
6/28/00 Los Angeles, KNX-AM, Business Hour, interview, 2:30 pm PDT
6/29/00 Portland, Powells, reading, "Cyberselfish", 7:30 pm PDT.
6/29/00 Los Angeles, KPFK, Free Forum with Terry McNally, interview, 10 pm
6/30/00-7/14/00 Web, Inkwell.vue, online chat at well.com.

July 2000

7/1/00 Fatbrain.com.
7/01/00 National, AP Radio, "Book Page" with Diana Jordan, interview.
7/6/00 Columbia MO, Daybreak, KFRU-AM, interview, 6:45 am PDT.
7/7/00 San Francisco, KQED-FM, Forum, interview, 10 am PDT. 
7/9/00 Berkeley, KPFA-FM, Sunday Salon, interview, 10 am PDT.
7/10/00 Salt Lake City, KCPW, interview, 8:40 am PDT.
7/10/00 Columbus, WLVQ-FM, Wags & Elliot Show interview, 6:20 am PDT.
7/10/00 National, MSNBC, "Hardball", interview, 2:30 pm PDT.
7/10/00 National, NPR,  Marketplace, commentary, "The truth behind the grey
flannel suit".
7/11/00 National, Talk America, Computer Daze, interview, 7 pm PDT
7/12/00 Seattle, Elliott Bay Books, reading, "Cyberselfish" , 7:30 pm PDT.
7/12/00 National, Business Talk Radio, Business Day, interview, 2:40 pm PDT.
7/13/00 Seattle, University Books, reading, "Cyberselfish", 7;30 PDT.
 7/14/00 Sonoma, Readers Books, Reading, "Cyberselfish", 7:30pm.
7/16/00 National, Wisconsin Public Radio, "To the Best of Our Knowledge",
7/16/00 Seattle, KMPS, Introspect, interview, 6:30 am PDT.
7/17/00 Seattle, KUOW, Weekday, interview, 10:30 am PDT.
7/18/00 San Francisco, "Gracenet". Reading "Cyberselfish", 6:30 pm.
7/18/00 Springfield MA, WHMP-AM, interview, 7:30 am EDT. 
7/18/00 Hartford CN, WDRC-AM, Brad Davis show, interview, 9:10 am EDT. 
7/18/00 New Brunswick NJ, WCTC-AM, Mid-Days, interview, 9:35 am PDT. 
7/19/00 National, Talk America Radio News, Stu Taylor show, interview, 4:10
pm PDT. 
7/20/00 Urbana, ILL WILL, Afternoon Magazine, interview, 11 am PDT.
7/20/00 Berkeley, KPFA, morning show, interview, 8 am PDT.
7/21/00 Santa Rosa CA, KVON, Morning Edition, interview, 10:30 am PDT.
7/24/00 Corte Madera, Book Passage, reading, "Cyberselfish", 7:30 PDT.
7/26/00 Berkeley, Black Oak, reading, "Cyberselfish", 7:30 pm PDT.
7/23-24, 30-31/00 Washington State, Entrecom network, Conversations with
Lizz Sommers, interview, 10:30 pm PDT.
7/27/00 Lyn Holley show, interview, 10 am PDT.
7/27/00 UK, BBC Radio 4, interview
7/28/00 San Francisco, CNET radio, interview, 12:45 pm PDT.
7/30/00 Louisville, WHAS, Denton Randell show, interview, 9 am PDT.

August 2000

8/1/00 Fairbanks AL, KFAR-AM, Problem Corner, interview, 6:40 am PDT.
8/1/00 Menlo Park, Kepler's, reading, "Cyberselfish", 7:30 PDT.

8/1/00 Fargo, KFGO-FM, Moose Country Mornings, interview, 6:40 PDT.
8/2/00 WebFN, interview, 10:50 am PDT.
8/5/00 News.com, interview.
8/5/00 Washington DC, American Psychological Association annual conference, Town Hall panel discussion, 8 am EDT.
8/7/00 Philadelphia, WWDB, interview, 6pm PDT.

8/7/00 Santa Cruz, KUSP, Radiogram, interview, noon PDT.
8/8/00 Santa Cruz, KZSC, Computer Rock and Talk, interview, 8 am PDT.
8/9/00 Capitola, Capitola Book Cafe, reading, "Cyberselfish", 7:30 PDT.
8/18/00 San Francisco, Bay TV, Bookmark, interview, 2:30 & 7:00 pm PDT.
8/22/00 San Francisco, Mechanics' Institutute, "Cyberselfish" reading, noon
8/24/00 San Francisco, reading, "Cyberselfish", Clean Well-lighted Place for
Books, 7:30 pm PDT.
8/25/00 Palo Alto, University Rotary Club meeting, Palo Alto Sheraton, reading, "Cyberselfish" , 7:30 am PDT.
8/28/00 San Francisco, KALW, "City Visions", interview, 7:30 pm, PDT.
8/29/00 National, NPR, Technation, interview.
8/29/00 National, NPR, Todd Mundt show, interview

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