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JUN 23 2000

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DON'T know what to do with your day? Let Life! tell you at a glance what not to miss today.

E U R O 2 0 0 0

By Tommy Wee

Sportscity, Saturday, midnight

Feisty Portugal, long considered the Brazilians of European football, takes on tournament outsider Turkey in this quarter-final match. Don't strike Turkey off...just yet.

    Sportscity, Sunday, 2.45 am

    With Paolo Mauldini at its helm, Italy should have a fight on its hands against the Romanians, who brought much-publicised England down with a spectacular bang earlier this week.

    Sportscity, Sunday, midnight

    Holland, the tournament's hot favourite, is peaking nicely. But the team will face a tough challenge from the hard-tackling Yugoslavians.

    Sportscity, Monday, 2.45 am

    Spain came back from the dead (against Yugoslavia) to snatch a spot in the quarter-finals. Will world champion, France, be able to quench its southern neighbour's fire? Watch and see in this crunch-time match.

    C O N C E R T

    By Arti Mulchand

    Singapore Indoor Stadium, 8 pm Tickets at $75, $55 and $35, available at all Sistic outlets. Call 348-5555.

    Can she really sing? Will she end up the laughing stock of Caldecott Hill? If you're planning to catch actress-singer Fann Wong's My Story concert, but still haven't got round to actually buying tickets, stop shuffling your feet now. All the $100 tickets for Fann's debut solo performance -- in fact, she's the first homegrown star to stage her own solo gig -- are gone. The other tickets are going fast, so wait too long and you'll be missing this one-night-only show that she's pulled out all the stops preparing for.

    The TCS 8 actress even hired a personal trainer to build up her stamina (no, not muscles for she apparently doesn't want those) so she has enough in her to go the distance. She will sing at least 20 songs, both from her first four albums -- including Fanntasy (Living Alone) and Shopping -- and her upcoming one. There'll also be an unplugged session to showcase her prowess. See cover story on pages 6 and 7.

    T H E W E B

    Teo Pau Lin

    2.30-3.30 pm

    Bubbly MTV Mandarin VJ Belinda Lee will kickstart this year's Speak Mandarin Campaign's celebrities web chat sessions from an e-station at #03-029, Suntec City Mall.

    She will share tips on how to be a VJ, and the importance of Mandarin -- an asset that no doubt landed her the TV job in 1998. Visitors to the site can type their messages in Chinese, hanyu pinyin and English.

    By Renee Wu

    12.30 am Monday morning

    Suddenly we find ourselves living in a world where the Internet reigns supreme, and the new economy, with its multiplying numbers of dotcoms and promises of untold wealth, is heralded as the way of the future; indeed, as the way of the winner.

    In this day and age, it seems practically taboo to exhibit any vestige of fear or disapprobation at the current tech boom. But Paulina Borsook, author of Cyberselfish, makes no bones about such qualms.

    As a former contributor to Wired magazine, the geek-chic bible of techies everywhere, she has disgruntled many with her less-than-flattering vivisections of tech-culture.

    Borsook decries the mad frenzy for Net startups as just another form of greed, where the self-professed pro-freedom ""digerati'' become the new corporate elite. She regards these ""technolibertarians'' as ""violently lacking in compassion, ravingly anti-government, and tremendously opposed to regulation''.

    The discussion also features Paul Saffo, director of the 30-year old Silicon Valley research firm, Institute for the Future, and Kevin Jones, a journalist and business analyst. Those of you seeking a different perspective on the dotcom gold rush, get your Real Player from real.com

    M O V I E S

    By Kelvin Tong


    If you're the sort who look into the jamban after you're done, this scatological farce will have you losing all bladder control.

    Starring the rubber-faced Jim Carrey as a schizo cop, the Farrelly brothers' latest is gross and grosser. Always suspected that Carrey is mental? Well, he is. In Me, Myself & Irene, he beats himself up, insults albinos, threatens to sodomise Renee Zellweger and even takes a crap on the lawn. Bowel-moving good.

    C L U B S

    By Arti Mulchand

    China Jump Bar & Grill Tel: 339-9388

    If you've the sort that thinks MTV's Singled Out is the best thing that's happened since the SDU, then China Jumps' Blind Date, which starts a week from today, would be right up your ally. Kicking off at 10 pm, four blindfolded contestants (one guys, three gals, or vice versa) take centrestage, and with the help of their in-house matchmaker, ask date related questions that will eventually lead to the ideal couple being made. They then win one of four ""dream dates''. Sounds like something you would try? Then head down to China Jump tonight (or any time this week) to register, or register online at chinajump.hotspots.com

    Blind Date at China Jump will take place every first Saturday of the month from next week.

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